Business loan calculator

Our business loan calculator is the easiest way to work out how much you could pay if you apply for a business loan from Esme.

Simply decide how much you’d like to borrow and how long for, and our small business loan calculator will give you an indication of the total repayable amount.

This is based on a monthly interest rate of 1% equivalent to an annual interest rate of 12%. The interest rate and term we offer to you will be based on our credit assessment of you and your company.

You can see our range of rates and fees in the tables below. Loans are subject to eligibility and satisfactory credit and affordability checks. Find out if you’re eligible for an Esme business loan here.

Repayment Calculator

* This example is for indicative purposes only. It’s based on a fixed monthly interest rate of 1% equivalent to an annual interest rate of 12%.

Representative APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is used for comparison purposes and shows the annual interest rate that we expect at least 51% of customers who are accepted for and enter into a loan agreement with us to get. APR takes into account not just the interest on the loan, but also other charges you have to pay, for example, arrangement fees.


Business Loan Rates

The interest rate on an Esme loan is fixed for the full term, and is charged monthly. Interest is charged on the full loan amount, including fees. The interest rate we offer to you will be based on our credit assessment of you and your company.

Term Monthly rates Approximate annual rates
12 - 24 months 0.34% - 2.20% 4.08% - 26.40%
30 - 36 months 0.37% - 1.87% 4.44% - 22.44%
42 - 48 months 0.39% - 1.52% 4.68% - 18.24%
54 - 60 months 0.42% - 1.12% 5.04% - 13.44%


We don’t believe in hidden fees. Our simple arrangement fee is based on the size of your loan.

You will also be charged a fee if you apply for an Esme business loan through a broker – please speak
to your broker for more information.

You can either pay your fee up front using your Business debit card or add the fee to of the loan.

We also charge a fee of £20 if any of your repayments are made more than 7 days late. If you are
having difficulties or have concerns about repaying your loan, please contact us to discuss your

Loan Amount Fee
Up to £25,000 £250
Up to £50,000 £500
More than £50,000 £750

Early repayment

If you pay more one month, you’ll pay less the next, with no additional charges.

Any early business loan repayments you make will pay off any outstanding interest first, and then any outstanding principal.

If the early repayment covers all of the principal for your next payment, then this payment (including interest) will no longer be taken.

The same applies if you make a loan repayment large enough to cover many future payments. These payments will not be charged to you.

Payment will resume when principal is due again as per your original repayment schedule. Interest accrued during this time (when payments are not taken) will be added to this payment.

Remember, you can manage your account anytime, anywhere, and see your next repayment and full repayment schedule. Plus, if you’d like to find out how much you’d need to pay before applying, just use our business loan repayment calculator above.

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