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Jim Cregan – Founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

During a trip to Oz, Jim and his wife fell in love with iced coffee.

Jim didn’t know he was destined to run his own business. But after a few months down under doing loads of surfing and drinking heaps of iced coffee, he returned to the UK and realised there was a huge gap in the market for a decent iced coffee that wasn’t sickly sweet. Idea firmly planted, Jim decided to partner up with Suze, his sister, and in 2011 Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was launched.

Today, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee sells 1 carton every 5 seconds through over 4,000 sites and has its own fleet of vehicles. It wasn’t always that way though – from idea, to launch, through to getting his product on the shelves, Jim faced the reality of the set backs and challenges many small businesses have to deal with. With issues ranging from cash flow issues to coping with seasonal demand, Jim takes us through his journey getting the business off the ground and into success.


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